The Proposal: A Guide for Every Hopeful Man

wedding proposalA proposal is never easy. No matter how much time you have been with another person, it can still bring out some nerves. It is a life-changing question that dictates your future. No man wants to hear a no from someone they love so dearly. Here are some ways you can make a successful proposal and get a “Yes!”

Make It Personal Rather Than Public

Videos of public proposals are great but can be a recipe for disaster. You should only conduct public proposals if you are sure to get an approval. Otherwise, make it more personal, says After all, this is about you as a couple not a reality show for strangers. You can still do it in a public setting or ask your friends to film the whole thing. Just stick with the purpose and be sincere about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Stuttering can be funny but you would not want her to misinterpret your words. Practice how you would go about the proposal. On bended knee is the ultimate giveaway so try it out several times to avoid falling and embarrassing yourself. Eye contact and timing are also important elements to rehearse.

Strip Yourself of All the Tricks

Sometimes, a woman just wants to see courage in a man. That’s all it takes to get them to say yes. Do not make an elaborate plot for them to find the ring such as planting it deep in a cupcake. You are understandably going in for the surprise but it can be dangerous. No one also wants to wear a crusty ring.

Find romantic venues for private dining in Brisbane and plan your proposal. You may even seek the help of people from the venue to assist you in your plans. Always remember, this could be something you would look back on, in the future. Make it count.