The Road to Healthier Gums

Women with Healthy GumsApart from visiting an orthodontics clinic in South Jordan such as Redwood Orthodontics on a regular basis, there are other ways to get healthier gums. What you do everyday matters even more to keep that smile dazzling.

Here are ways to do it.

Eat the Right Food for Better Gums

Leafy greens and milk are some of the best food items to help maintain gum health. Apples are also perfect since the crunching texture of apples helps clean the teeth and give the gums some exercise. Make sure you eat lots of those on a daily basis. 

Give Your Gums a Massage When Brushing

When brushing your teeth, you should extend cleaning to the gums. Use a circular motion to massage your gums, therefore allowing the blood to circulate all over the mouth. A large part of gum bleeds stem from the lack of gum massage.

An electrical toothbrush would be perfect since this produces the exact massaging motion you want. 

Floss Daily and Get Rid of In-Between Dirt

While a toothbrush is wonderfully effective for cleaning the teeth, it is not efficient for in-between grime. This is why it is best to use floss in order to remove anything caught between your teeth.

Perform this as often as possible, making sure that you are not just running the same floss on your teeth repeatedly. A menthol flush would be ideal. 

Use Mouthwash Every Day to Get Rid of Bacteria

To top off your oral hygiene, you should use high-quality mouthwash for gargling on a daily basis, preferably when you wake up or before going to bed. While commercial mouthwash is great, you will find that there are also natural mouthwash alternatives if you are trying to save on cash. 

Routine orthodontist visits is a given for healthier gums and teeth. If you have any problems or doubt the use of a particular brand, make sure to ask your doctor first, especially when it comes to toothpaste.