The Role of Urgent Care Clinics in Holistic Patient Management

a woman having a consultation with a doctorAre you experiencing a sudden onset of pain or discomfort that requires urgent medical attention? Do you feel like you are suffering from a health condition that necessitates early diagnosis and management?

If your case requires immediate consultation with a physician, then visiting an urgent care clinic might be the solution to your problem. Urgent care centers have nurses and medical technicians who can provide holistic patient care. Several medical conditions and injuries can be treated in urgent care clinics.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is the most common reason for consultation in an urgent care clinic. URTI is characterized by low-grade fever, weakness, cough, and colds. In an urgent care center, you will undergo blood workup to determine whether bacteria or viruses caused the infection. Since more than 80 percent of URTI cases are viral, decongestants and antitussive medications are given.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is characterized by fever, lower abdomen discomfort, and pain upon urination. Due to its intermittent course, UTI can cause an acute onset of pain even while at rest. If you experience sudden tenderness in the abdomen, it is essential to visit an urgent care clinic to ensure early evaluation. Urinalysis can confirm the presence of pus or bacteria in urine, which is indicative of infection. Your physician will then advise hydration and prescribe antibiotics for definitive treatment.

Musculoskeletal Sprain

A sprain is characterized by the impairment of a ligament that provides continuity between the bone and joint. It occurs during excessive strain in the ankle and knee joints. An X-ray of the particular joint is ordered to determine the location and extent of the injury. First-aid treatment using splints and other immobilizers is also done to prevent further damage.

The Bottom Line

Symptoms such as severe muscle pain and breathing difficulty require immediate consultation with a specialist. Thus, urgent care centers provide rapid, accessible treatment to patients who need prompt medical intervention.