Theatre Productions: How Seating Affects Your Experience

Theatre Seats in BrisbaneWhile it is easy to find the most comfortable position while watching your favourite series at home, watching a live show and finding the best seat for the night can be tricky. Here is a quick rundown of the different theatre seating and how you can get yourself the best seat:

The Types of Seats

  1. Orchestra – Many people say that the orchestra is the best seat because you can watch the show at an eye level. However, orchestra seats (i.e. number of seats and depth of the section) varies from one theatre to another.
  2. Mezzanine – The Italian word for ‘middle’, the mezzanine is between the orchestra and the balcony.
  3. Balcony – Balcony seats are the seats high up and are the usual choice for the budget conscious.

Finding the Best Seats

You might find many suggestions on the web on how to get the best seats, but technically speaking, finding the best seat is relative. The key to having the best seat lies on three factors: the venue, your preference and the quality of production.

Theatres are built differently. The time you watched a live theatre in Brisbane while on the mezzanine might have given you a better experience than when you are on an orchestra in Broadway. In short, good seats depend on how the theatre is designed. Your seat preference matters, as well. Some people enjoy seeing everything from above rather than seeing the stage up close, making balcony seats their ideal choice.

Lastly, production quality matters a lot. No matter how you think how bad your seat may be, if the production is good, then you can surely enjoy the experience.

Still wondering which seats to choose for your next theatre visit? Keep these things in mind and allow yourself to enjoy the show, regardless of where you are seating.