Things You Do That Destroy Your Hair and Scalp

A Man Checking His Scalp Never underestimate how a good hair day can change the way you look to the world – and vice versa. Your skin may be flawless and clothes on point; but if your hair is a mess, it can take away all the effort you put into your look.

While salon treatments are essential, some of the care you administer to your hair could be meaningless when you do not know how to avoid damage. Here are innocuous things that you do or use every day that may be turning your hair into a brittle, lifeless, messy bush.

Shampoo with Sulfates

Taking care of your hair also means that you make sure you have enough of it to protect your head and to style. Hair fall is real and can make your already-limp mane look even worse. Check your shampoo or any hair product you use for sodium laureate sulfate (SLS) or any other sulfate.

Put that bottle back on the shelf and go for something without.

Drying Your Hair the Wrong Way

Blow drying frequently actually causes instant heat damage. Towel drying can pull and damage your strands. What is the best way? You can pat your hair dry (no pulling or rubbing) or let it dry out on lazy days at home to minimise the damage it goes through.

Washing Too Frequently

Using shampoos or other cleaning agents on your hair does strip the protective moisture from the strands. Use dry shampoos that absorb the excess oil and odour from your hair instead of a full wash. Ask London hair clinics how often your hair type and profile need a wash.

Sleeping on Cotton

Since cotton tends to fray and gets fibrous over time, sleeping on pillowcases made of cotton can make your hair frizz and develop split ends. Go for silk or satin and see the immense improvement over time.

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Do not forget to go to a London hair clinic regularly to get expert advice from stylists who know how to maintain a good mane. And if all else fails, a good clinic can give you transplants that can help you start over!