Three Reasons to Go Rafting in Arkansas River with Your Family

Day RaftingYou’re busy planning for your annual family camping and you started hearing silly excuses from your kids just to not join. This could be a sign they’re sick and tired of doing the same old camping you’ve been doing since they’re little. Perhaps your holiday outdoor adventure this year needs an upgrade. Why not try whitewater rafting in Arkansas River this time?

The mere mention of whitewater rafting could turn their coldness into total excitement. Here are some of the reasons river rafting in Arkansas is a great idea to spend the upcoming holiday with your family.

It’s not just for adults and experts.

The best thing about the Arkansas River is it has different levels of water current – from mild and mellow flows to wild and extreme rapids. You can choose a rafting package depending on your skill and the age of your company. You can choose a tamer part of the river for a safe yet enjoyable water experience with the kids. If you’re coming with your teenage or adult children, then go for the part with faster current to get some adrenaline pumping.

It’s a good way to enjoy natural sights.

There’s more to Arkansas River rafting than just enjoyable water experience. A weekend Royal Gorge, Brown Canyon, or Breckenridge rafting, says, will take you closer to nature. You can enjoy the beautiful sights of the green forests and towering rock mountains. The fresh mountain breeze and the sound of wildlife are a bonus treat for your trip.

It’s not just for the wealthy ones.

River rafting trip packages come in wide range of prices. Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can find inexpensive deals and accommodation. You can choose from half- or whole-day trips, depending on how long you want to go rafting. Two-day excursions are also available. Some packages even include different outdoor and sport activities offered at reasonable prices. Trips have professional guides who will come with you to ensure safety of your group.

This is surely one trip your kids wouldn’t say no to. You wouldn’t even, yourself.