Three Steps to Apply for Victoza Patient Assistance

Doctor in Clinic SmilingPeople living in poverty or with low incomes are more prone to developing type 2 diabetes. People in this demographic profile are less likely to visit the diabetes clinics.

Even if they do, they will probably not afford the medication they need anyway, thus the need for assistance. There are measures put in place to ensure that people who lack insurance or whose coverage does not include prescription medication still have access to the meds they need. Here are three application steps:

1. Fill Out the Form

The application forms can be found online. The Rx Solution runs a Victoza patient assistance program. The forms are on the website. Ensure to fill out the forms correctly. Read through the requirements properly to ensure all boxes are checked. Also, remember to provide accurate information. Do not leave room for disqualification on technicalities.

2. Proof of Income

This program is meant for the people who need these meds but cannot afford them. Therefore, do not apply if income or insurance can cover it sufficiently. The form has a section for proof of income. One is asked to provide proof that they are at a particular FPL level. The website also has a calculator that one can use to determine their placement. This is a significant determinant of eligibility for patient assistance.

3. Healthcare Practitioner Section

The physician has to sign off. They have to agree that indeed these meds are needed. The doctor’s office might take some time to fill out the required section. Follow up or take the forms to the doctor personally for successful Victoza patient assistance.

Ensure to put in the application before the current dose runs out as approval takes about ten days. If one does not qualify, the company will communicate in time. If he or she does, the meds will be delivered to the doctor’s office.​