Three Things a Weight Loss Program Needs

Stethoscope and healthy foodsIn 2014, the weight loss industry raked in $64 billion in earnings. If this says anything about the current culture, it has to be this: there’s a premium on physical fitness you cannot afford to ignore. For one thing, being overweight affects your self-esteem, which affects your general outlook on life. Also, with every extra pound you keep on your belly or your thighs, you put yourself at risk of potentially life-threatening illnesses.

If you want to turn things around and lose those excess pounds, here are three easy steps to get you started in a weight loss program in Singapore and elsewhere.


Your Body Mass Index (BMI) reveals whether you are obese (more than 30 percent), overweight (25 to 29.9 percent), normal weight (18.5 to 24.9 percent), or underweight (less than 18.5 percent). Your BMI calculation needs your age, height, and gender.

Knowing your BMI will allow you to learn how many pounds you need to lose to achieve a normal weight.


Weight loss does not happen without proper dieting. No matter how much pleasure you derive from eating, you must confront the fact that you will not be able to shed unwanted weight without a healthy diet.

There are many diet plans you can use, but it is best that you study each of these options so you can discern which one best suits your specific circumstance while putting your health and overall lifestyle into consideration.

Some of the most popular diet programs right now include Paleo, Atkins, and the Dukan diet.


Just like dieting, exercise is yet another integral component of any weight loss program in Singapore and elsewhere. Exercise could help speed up the process of burning excess fats in your body. Exercise programs come in different iterations. You can focus either on cardio or strength training, or a combination of both.

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Reaching your ideal weight is a way for you to reach your fullest potential as a human being. With it comes improved confidence and enhanced vitality, two precursors to a better and more rewarding life.