Tips and Tricks on Picking the Best Fruits and Veggies from the Grocer

Fruits and Vegetables ShoppingYou were unpacking the goods you just bought from the grocer. As you’re about to put the oranges in the fridge, you found some bruises and scratches at the bottom of the fruits. You just went on tossing them in. Two days after, you grabbed an orange to put in your grade schooler’s snack box. Then something caught your attention – one-fourth of the fruit is already rotten.

How many times have you gotten in such situation? Cases like this can be avoided if you observe smart shopping when you go to the market, grocer, or the local farmers market.

Here are a few tips and tricks on picking the best produce:


Use your senses when picking the best and the freshest in a heap of fruits on the grocer or market. Pick up a piece and examine its colour and texture. Most fruits have smooth and even skin when ripe.

Also, pay attention to the firmness and weight of the fruit. Go for pieces that are nicely firm, but not those that are hard as they could be not fully ripe. For juicy fruits and citruses, choose ones that are heavier as this means they have more juice.

Never pick fruits with scratches, bruises and dents. These are signs that the flesh is damaged and may be starting to rot, according to vendors of wholesale fruit and veggies in Brisbane. These are usually a result of improper handling, stacking and shipping.


For veggies, observe the skin texture, colour, and firmness of the produce. Root crops and bulbs, for instance, must be very firm. Be wary of soft spots, as underneath them could be rotting flesh. The colour must be naturally vibrant and consistent, as well. Don’t pick ones with cracked bases. This is a sign that they are dry and old.

For salad greens, go for crisp and fresh leaves and never pick those that look dry and wilted. The freshest lettuce and kale must have deep colours. Goof cabbages and artichokes have intact leaves. They must also feel heavy for their size.

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Now that you know how to shop for fresh produce, you will never have to worry about giving your family rotten fruits or spoiled veggies.