Tools for the Teeth: Oral Hygiene Aids to Include in Your Routine

Young Man with Floss CleaningIn Colorado, 1 in 4 adults avoids smiling because of the condition of their mouth and teeth. Approximately 22 percent of adults feel embarrassed because of the state of their oral health; approximately 23 percent experience anxiety because of it.

You can avoid feeling embarrassed or anxious about your mouth and teeth if you maintain a good oral health routine. Scheduling regular dental appointments and brushing your teeth are routine (or, at least they should be), but you may also add other oral hygiene aids to your habits.

Northstar Dental, a local dental office, gives the following as examples of common oral hygiene aids: interdental cleaners, mouth rinses, oral irrigators, rubber tip stimulators, and tongue cleaners.

Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaners work like dental floss. They are small brushes that remove debris and dental plaque from the contours of your teeth. Consequently, they reduce the possibility of gum disease and tooth decay.

Mouth Rinses

The next step to brushing your teeth is using a mouth rinse. The oral hygiene aid effectively reduces bad breath, plaque, and cavities. Of course, you should still check with your local dentist if the mouth rinse you’re using contains the right ingredients.

Oral Irrigators

Oral irrigators, also called dental water jets, are a home dental care device that removes debris from below your gum line. It sprays water into your gum pockets to push out food particles and harmful bacteria, effectively lowering the risk of gum disease.

Rubber Tip Simulators

A rubber tip simulator is a hand-held dental tool that strengthens and removes plaque from the gums. Specifically, it looks after your periodontal health. Some toothbrushes have a simulator but not all do, so you may ask your local dentist about where to get one.

Tongue Cleaners

Finally, a tongue cleaner is an oral hygiene device that you use to clean the upper surface of your tongue. It scrapes off the bacteria and fungi that collect on your tongue throughout the day. Use it before you brush your teeth for optimal results.

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Many Colorado adults are not confident in their mouth and teeth. Don’t be one of them. Look after your oral health with the use of these tools.