Tooth Loss: 4 Related Questions Answered

A man flossing in front of a mirrorWhile tooth loss is typical, it is a problem often ignored. But it shouldn’t be considering the impact it has on a person’s overall health. To help you understand its seriousness and the options available for treatment, read this Q&A.

How serious is tooth loss?

According to World Health Organization, virtually all adults have caries (dental cavities). Moreover, around the world, at least 30 percent of older people no longer have any natural teeth.

In the United States, the rate of tooth loss and decay had been on the decline since the 1960s, but disparities still existed. Between 2011 and 2012, at least 27 percent had untreated tooth decay. For men and women between the ages of 20 to 64, it was more common among non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics. Moreover, about one in every five seniors at least 65 years old didn’t treat their tooth decay.

What are the consequences of tooth loss?

Tooth loss can lead to several oral health issues. One, it can worsen periodontal or gum disease, which is also responsible for tooth loss. It can also affect digestion since teeth are essential for chewing as well as speech. Early tooth loss may promote misalignment and TMJ disorder. Socially, people with tooth issues are less likely to be social or self-confident.

Are dentures the only solution?

While dentures are the most common and usually the most affordable dental solution, they’re not the only ones. A crown is necessary when you want to retain or improve the form of the tooth following a root canal procedure. A bridge, on the other hand, is ideal when the tooth loss leads to a gap.

In many cases, you need implants, which are titanium posts embedded into the jawbone. They keep removable and fixed appliances from dentures to bridges steady as they replace the roots of the teeth.

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Are dental implants expensive?

Many factors affect the price including geography, number of posts, and overall oral health of the patient. In general, it costs around $4,000 along with the crown and abutment in California. You can get something more affordable by opting for dental implants in Manteca, CA today. You may also take advantage of Medicaid or financing options.

Don’t take tooth loss for granted. See your dentist now and study your options.