Top Dive Spots in New Zealand

Diving Courses in AucklandWhenever someone mentions New Zealand, the first thing that comes to mind is the rolling and verdant hills. The country is also famous because The Lord of the Rings shot many scenes in its countryside. People do not realise is that the land of the kiwi also has several diving destinations.

Scuba diving opens you to a different world underwater; you get to swim with sharks, feel weightless and see colourful fish and corals. New Zealand has some of the best dive spots because of the rich marine life.

Poor Knights Islands

Poor Knights Island is one of the best dive sites in the world. Situated off the coast of Tutukaka, the warm currents from the tropics support more than a hundred species of fish, sponges, corals, singrays and kelp forests. The islands that make this diving destination are the remains of 11 million year old underwater cliffs and volcanoes. The cluster of islands is also home to the world’s largest sea cave. The bustling marine life and explosion of colours will make you want to take diving courses to experience it.

Rainbow Warrior

In 1987, a boat operated by Greenpeace sunk near the Cavalli Islands. Within two years, the sunken ship became an artificial reef filled with vibrant marine life. Beautiful jewel anemones line the wreck, which look their best on a night dive. Swim with kingfish, scorpion fish, john dory, golden snappers, moray eels and other marine life on a regular day.

Riwaka Caverns

The massive underground network of tunnels and caves is ideal for divers of all skill levels. A swim into the caverns will send chills up and down your spine because of the cold waters and the surrounding darkness. After the initial scare, emerging from the waters will take you to another world. Gaze at the stalagmites and stalactites, and pink limestone in one of the caves.

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White Island

New Zealand is one of the few places where divers get to dive and swim around a live volcano. Vibrant marine life such as kingfish, stingrays, blue maomao and others surround White Island. In the summer, divers get to see up to 50m deep and swim through and around reefs, boulders, pinnacles and archways.

New Zealand’s vibrant marine life will leave you wanting more; travel to this country to experience another world whether you explore on land or underwater.