Treatment Options For Droopy Eyelids

Woman having a surgery for droopy eyelidsDroopy eyelids are not attractive and give the person a sad or tired look. Loose upper eyelids may be due to excess skin or dermatochalasis and weak muscles. Having eye bags can only make things worse.

Read on to learn about the different ways to improve droopy eyelids.

Surgery for droopy eyelids

Rejuvenating eyelids with facial plastic surgery is the cosmetic approach deemed acceptable and effective. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills notes that surgery can tighten lose skin, remove excess fat, or change the size of the opening. The effect is dramatic, but the change can provide the person a more refreshed look.

Fat removal provides a more alert look. However, the change is not so big to alter a person’s appearance. Also, known as blepharoplasty, this procedure can be completed in three hours. In some cases, a more intensive set of procedures is necessary to resolve existing issues.

Non-surgical interventions

There are different options for people who wish to change the appearance of their eyelids. If you are not comfortable having a surgeon make an incision just above your eyelid to make improvements, opt for non-surgical options. These methods aim to address laxity, which may not be fully corrected by the surgery. To rejuvenate the area surrounding the eyes, you may consider injection of fillers.

Hooding of the eyelid may be corrected by eyelid thermage. Research shows positive effects on both upper and lower lids. When it comes to skin tightening, cosmetic surgeons also offer ultra-therapy. The use of ultrasonic imaging is becoming more popular these days. Experts believe that ultrasound rejuvenates skin.

These days, an eyelid lift performed by a licensed practitioner can solve the problem with drooping eyes. Are you ready for a change? Look for a cosmetic surgery clinic and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.