Trust is the Key

dental chairWhen looking for a new dentist in SW14, what are the important factors to consider? For one, there’s the technical side of things: does the surgery use the latest dental technology to make life as easy as possible for patients? This includes crowns that are made on the spot (CEREC restorations), pain-free injections (The Wand) and impressions made with a digital scanner (Itero), to avoid the putty mess.

Is it equipped with, for example, a CT scanner, for precision planning of oral surgery? Does it use digital x-rays? Does it offer transparent and discreet adult braces, for worry-free teeth straightening? Making sure a dentist in SW14, such as Sheen Dental, offers these modern tools and techniques is of course high on the agenda.

But there’s something that’s even more important, more vital than the latest gadget or the whizziest widget, and that’s trust. It’s quite natural to get focused on the outcome when having a medical procedure, but the best outcome will come from a solid relationship with the professional carrying out the treatment. For us Brits, getting up close and personal with our dentist may seem a little strange, but there are great benefits to working closely with a dentist in SW14.

Modern dentistry is increasingly patient-focused. Gone are the days when we believed that the expert had all the answers, and today’s patient is more likely to go in armed with tablet full of Googled research. The dental profession recognises this and that the best results come when they work in partnership with patients. Anyone looking for a new practice would be wise to have a chat with the clinical staff and find out about how they work, what steps they take to explain treatment and, crucially, how much they listen to patient wants and needs.

Alongside this, friendly and welcoming reception staff are also key to the treatment experience. There’s nothing like a warm smile to set the mind and nerves at ease, and let’s face it, going to the dentist in SW14 can often produce a fair amount of anxiety. This is another factor today’s dentists are well aware of, and they will often have specially-designed programmes to help nervous patients.