Visiting the Dentist? Make Your Appointment Less Stressful

Dentists in TaurangaResearch estimates that over 30 million people avoid going to their dentist because of fear and anxiety. Some of the factors that contribute to this are the anticipation of pain, unpleasant past experiences, the smell of the dentist’s office or fear that the local anesthesia used will not work. Failure to address this anxiety means that few people visit their dentist regularly which leads to unnecessary oral health problems and costly dental procedures.

If you are nervous about seeing your dentist, here are some hacks that may help you ease your fear:

Brush and floss regularly

Many people are hesitant to visit their dentist for fear of being scolded for their poor oral hygiene. When brushing, remember to go through the bite surface and the back of your teeth. These areas are often neglected and could cause cavities and even gum problems. If you have been brushing as required, you’ll be in for a quick check-up and cleaning. You will also need to floss to remove food particles that hide in between your teeth.

Consider sedation

If you are too afraid of going through a dental treatment, sedation is an excellent option. You can either go for oral sedation, nitrous oxide or the general sedation. Talk to your dentist about your fears and he/she will suggest the best sedation option.

Communicate effectively

A good dentist-patient communication has been shown to help patients overcome dental anxiety. Find understanding dentists in Tauranga who you are comfortable being around and can comfortably communicate your concerns with. You could ask for recommendations or look for someone who typically handles anxious patients.

Listen to soothing music

Bringing some music you find soothing can help alleviate dental anxiety. Whether it’s hard rock or classic tunes, you’ll find music stress relieving and you’ll be able to sit through dental treatments with peace of mind.

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Following these tips will help you overcome your fear of the dentist. Remember to eat a balanced diet, brush and floss and visit your dentist regularly to prevent future dental problems that could be costly.