Want Near Perfect Teeth? Remember These 3 Rules

single tooth implant The health of your teeth determines the overall health of your body. You do not need to worry if you already have minor flaws because modern technology offers a variety of options to correct some imperfections.

Getting dental implants in Birmingham is one of them.

Ensure that you maintain those pearly whites by following these rules:

Rule #1: Gum Health is as Important as Tooth Health

Keep in mind that the foundation of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth are your gums. When your gum tissue gets infected with bacteria because of tartar and plaque, you might be susceptible to tooth and bone loss. This manifestation of advanced gingivitis is what you may know as periodontal disease

This disease is dangerous because you will have a great risk of developing other medical conditions; including diabetes, dementia and heart disease. It is likewise one of the main causes of premature birth among pregnant women.

Rule #2: Stop Doing These

If you do not want to have gum disease, you have to stop smoking immediately. Moreover, stress and poor nutrition contribute to this disorder.

After you brush your teeth, the remaining plaque will start to spread below the gum line and calcify. The bacteria from tartar and plaque will cause your gums to bleed and swell because your immune system will start to kick in and fight it. In addition, you should always floss before going to bed and brush for a couple of minutes to make sure that you get rid of the food debris and bacteria.

Rule #3: The Food to Avoid for Your Gums

Some of the foods you eat can affect the health of your teeth and gums. Acid from citrus and coffee, carbohydrates and sugars from candy and soda can cause the tooth enamel to deteriorate. To maintain healthy gums and teeth, you must ensure that you follow proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.

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You know that repairing the damages on your teeth is just a secondary solution. It's best to keep them in good condition by following the rules listed here.