Watch Out For These Gum Diseases

 Gum ProblemsMany people think that proper oral hygiene just involves brushing your teeth and gargling, but this is a rather simplistic way of caring for your mouth. Apart from your teeth, your gums are also susceptible to damage.

Below are two gum diseases to watch out for:


Many dentists note that this is one of the most common gum diseases throughout the United Kingdom. You get gingivitis when there are too much plaque and tartar on your teeth. Bacteria feed of these and cause inflammation in your gums. If you notice your gums bleeding every time you brush your teeth, then you probably have gingivitis.

To avoid this, simply make it a habit to brush and floss your teeth to get rid of plaque. You may also want to have your dentist clean your teeth regularly just to be sure.


According to experts from Edinburgh Dental Specialists, when gingivitis is not treated, the plaque actually spreads below the gum line and cause further irritation to the gums; but it gets worse from there on. The toxic stuff that the bacteria produce causes the body to respond aggressively. As your body responds to the bacterial infection, it slowly destroys the bone and the tissue holding your teeth in place and eventually gaps between your teeth appear. When this happens, your teeth get loose and you may need to have them removed.

People who smoke and are diabetic are more susceptible to getting this form of gum disease. If your gums hurt and you see large spaces between your teeth, then you should visit your dentist immediately so that they can get rid of the plaque on your teeth and prevent further damage to tissue and bone.

Make sure you visit your dentist regularly to check if you are developing symptoms of these two gum diseases. Always make sure to brush and clean your teeth thoroughly to avoid losing them.