What Can You Do to Relieve Lumbar Herniated Disc Pain?

Woman undergoing physical therapyA lumbar herniated disc can lead to sciatica pain, making you feel a burning, searing, or radiating pain along your sciatic nerve and down your leg. Fortunately, you have multiple treatment options, which will depend on the location of the pain.

For example, cervical herniated disc may call for an endoscopic cervical discectomy while a lumbar herniated disc may require a microdiscectomy. Both treatments come with requirements. But if you want to opt out of the surgical option, consider the following treatments for a lumbar herniated disc:


Heat can temporarily work to relieve pain. Use a heating pad or hot compress and put it on your lower back. Do this a couple of times per day to alleviate the pain. You can also try doing different types of heat therapy to make the pain go away. One of the most effective ways is putting an adhesive heat wrap on the area where the pain is coming from. Try low-level heat for several hours; you could soak in a whirlpool until the pain completely goes away.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Only those who are experiencing extreme and intolerable pain are qualified to have an epidural steroid injection (ESI). ESIs provide pain relief, and they are especially helpful in enabling you to advance in your rehabilitation program. But this type of treatment requires a professional to administer the injections and the use of fluoroscopy to determine accurate placement. A successful initial injection typically means you can receive up to three treatments in one year.

Physical Therapy

Targeted stretching and exercises are important for rehabilitation. This will require the guidance of a professional to ensure that you’re executing the routines safely and that you’re progressing accordingly.

Other treatments to consider are manual or spinal manipulation, cognitive behavior therapy, and, in some cases, meditation. Focused breathing can bring some relief and allow you to reduce your dependence on medication.

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A herniated disc is not an easy condition, but you have options for surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Consult with a specialist and find the right one.