What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Senior woman being assisted on a nursing homeLike all things, the human body does not last forever. That is why there is this concept of aging. However, there is more to aging gray hairs and wrinkled skin. People do not see it, but organs inside the body also experience degeneration. One of which is the spine, specifically the discs.

The discs serve as a cushion in the spinal cord preventing friction from the bones. When these discs degenerate, people feel pain and other symptoms. Consulting a cervical spine specialist here in Hurst TX is a must when one feels unusual or prevalent pain.

Know more about the condition to evaluate whether you might be suffering from it.

What is cervical degenerative disc disease?

For the spine to be “flexible” and allow you to bend and move your neck and body, there are gel-like substances in between the bones called discs. These discs are mostly composed of water and slowly dehydrate as the person ages.

Also known as cartilage, discs absorb shock and force as well as prevent friction that can damage the bones in the spine.

Technically, cervical degenerative disc disease is not a disease per se, but rather a condition wherein the discs loses its hydration causing wear and tear that eventually causes pain to the patient.

Because of human nature, people are bound to suffer from disc degeneration as time goes by depending on one’s body composition and reaction

What is the treatment?

Doctors diagnose degenerative disc disease with the help of scans like X-Rays and MRIs, and you can treat the condition in various ways. For non-severe cases, the use of neck brace can make a huge difference as well as avoiding positions and movements that cause pain.

For more severe and chronic cases, doctors normally do a surgical intervention known as spinal fusion. Cervical discs replacements are a new surgical approach to the condition that doctors are using.

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Do you think you are suffering from degenerative disc disease? Do not suffer from pain any longer and have yourself checked.