What is Jawbone Deterioration?

Woman with jaw painJawbone deterioration is when the bone starts to shrink in size and lose its density. It may sound uncommon but it is not. It is more likely to occur in older people but there is still the chance of deterioration happening to those who have missing teeth or even just one tooth missing.

How to prevent deterioration of the jawbone?

To prevent the degeneration of the jawbone, it needs stimulation. This is mainly caused through the action of chewing. Dental implants in Northern Ireland are the ideal tooth restoration procedure to recreate this natural stimulation. Dentures are a good replacement for teeth for a short while but unfortunately due to their design they cannot actively stimulate the jawbone. They sit on top of the gums instead of replacing the root of the missing tooth. In Northern Ireland, dental implants are the only method of tooth replacement that can stimulate jawbone cell renewal. Dental implants are available from implants surgeons, such as those at Blue Sky Dentistry.

How do dental implants in Northern Ireland stimulate the jawbone?

In Northern Ireland, dental implants are designed to mimic a real tooth, right down to the root. Vibrations through the root from the teeth meeting together stimulate bone cell renewal.

The surgeon inserts a small titanium rod into the jawbone into artificial sockets that are carefully drilled into the bone. The jawbone then fuses with the implant over a period of two to four months. When the implant has a crown fitted to it, it behaves just like a natural tooth, including acting as a transmitter for vibrations. The crowns are handmade from dental porcelain to be indistinguishable from natural teeth. Dental implants can last for at least 15 years, and a lot longer if they are well looked after. And then the simple act of eating normally again will maintain the strength of the jawbone.

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Pre-emptive action to reduce the risk of bone loss

It is always preferable to maintain health rather than restore it and there are several natural ways to prevent bone loss occurring, together with some simple ways to maintain healthy strong teeth and gums. Brushing techniques go a long way as well as being conscious of a healthy diet.