What Should You Do After a Reiki Healing Session for Optimal Healing?

Things to do after a reiki healing sessionReiki is a combination of two words “rei,” which is a Japanese word that means spiritual, and “ki,” which is a Chinese word that means vital energy. Many people call reiki therapy as “palm healing.” In a healing session, a trained therapist places their hands lightly over a specific part of the body to start the healing process. They believe that one’s vital energy can be used to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Here are some of the things you can do after a reiki session. Practitioners who took reiki healing courses strongly recommends to do the following to help promote optimal healing:

1. Meditate or Relax

Practitioners believe that you can feel the many benefits of reiki after a single session. To maximise these, you can meditate for at least 15 minutes following the treatment. You can likewise go for a short walk and reconnect with nature, take a quick nap, or simply lie down. The important thing is not to perform physically or mentally challenging activities following a reiki session.

2. Reflect

Do this by drawing, writing in a journal or any activity that allows you to reflect on what you've experienced during and after the reiki session. You can reflect through meditation or through listening to soothing music.

3. Drink Water

When you do any type of energy work, you need to replenish lost energy with water — and if possible, electrolytes. After a reiki healing session, drink at least a glass of water immediately.

Many people feel more relaxed right after a reiki session. However, some tend to feel more tired after a few hours. You should not think of this as a negative effect because it is how the body is healing itself naturally. Why not try it and discover what it can do for you?