What Your Unhealthy Work Habits are Doing to Your Body

Doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. Obesity and weight loss.You spend a third of your day at work. You do this five days a week — sometimes, even on weekends depending on your job. It’s easy to develop habits when you are in this kind of routine. If the habits you develop are unhealthy, however, you may be causing damage to your body.

Postural Fatigue

When you are not paying attention to your posture, you may end up slouching for most of the day. This results in decreased productivity and work-related narcosis. Even worse, Dr. Jacob Wooten says that you may develop a bad posture, which will need a chiropractor to help correct to avoid persistent back pain even when you’re already at home. To prevent postural fatigue, take breaks from your regular position ever 30 minutes and put up reminders to adopt a more upright posture.

Weight Gain

When you’re stress eating because of the heavy workload and sitting for most of the day, the lethargic lifestyle may be causing weight gain. It’s worse when you eat fast food because it’s the most accessible kind of food when you are pressed for time.

Work-related stress coupled with unhealthy eating habits will spell disaster for your body, making you more prone to certain health risks. Switch to a healthier diet and keep fruits and nuts nearby so you will not resort to unhealthy food when you get hungry.

Poor Eyesight

If your job involves being in front of the computer for long periods, you need to take frequent breaks from the screen to avoid eye fatigue and poor eyesight. Eye strain may also cause headaches and an improperly positioned computer screen that causes too much glare may be the reason for your persistent migraine. Aside from having your prescription glasses adjusted, you should also do exercises that prevent eye strain.

You may not realize the results of your unhealthy habits until it’s too late. Before you develop irreversible health conditions, change your habits now.