When it is Time to Seriously Consider Dental Implants

Elderly with Dental ImplantsPeople do lose teeth, and there are several solutions to that problem. However, there is no one “fix-it-all” treatment, and dental procedures vary from person to person. One such solution to a toothless situation is a dental implant.

Oral care provider Glenlake Dental Care described implants as permanent cosmetics that look and feel like natural teeth, and also a dental solution that requires less maintenance. You can ask more about implants from your dentist in Northbrook, IL.

Here are situations where you should seriously consider dental implants.

When Dentures Are Not Appropriate

Dentures are popular, and many people view them as a quick fix, but they are not suitable for everyone. For example, individuals with a sensitive gag reflex will find dentures very uncomfortable and will most likely not tolerate them.

Likewise, if you have poor ridges, there is a high risk that a denture will not hold firmly making it a less viable option. You might consider dental implants instead.

Your Dentures Are Loose, Uncomfortable

When you are currently using dentures, they become wobbly and causes you discomfort; you should replace them with implants. A denture is a set of artificial teeth supported by the gum or fixed on the jawbone through a peg.

When dentures stay in place only by the tissues of the oral cavity, they are likely to get loose with time, especially after you get some of your natural teeth extracted.

This is because the jawbone changes its shape and causes narrowing of the ridge that holds the natural teeth. The denture will not be as firm as it was, and it can fall off in the most inopportune of moments.

When the Adjacent Teeth Are Not Healthy

Bridges are common treatment method where one or few teeth are missing in between other teeth. This procedure involves using two adjacent teeth as support for false teeth that fill a gap. Unfortunately, this process involves tampering with the adjacent teeth to prepare them for the role they will play.

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This may involve chipping or filing which may cause damage to healthy teeth. If the adjacent teeth are unhealthy for example if they have cavities, a bridge is not a good idea because it may cause further damage.

However, implants can provide firm support while preserving the adjacent teeth.

Implants are an excellent dental solution to some teeth problems. Ask your dentist if it is right for you.