Why are the Fundamentals So Important?

Fundamentals of BasketballBasketball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport that requires players to respond quickly. Some may get away with not mastering the basics because of their sheer athleticism. The best ones, however, manage to become great because of their understanding and mastery of the fundamentals.

The Building Blocks of the Game

Basketball has fundamentals that beginners and even more experienced players need to master, these are:

  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Running
  • Jumping

These skills will allow a player to realize their full potential and become the best that they can be. Not everyone can be LeBron James, an all-around stud that can do anything on both sides of the court. Some players have to fulfill a role, as they are solid or excellent in some of the skills mentioned above. Some specialize in 3-point shooting, others are just very good at running and jumping, which makes them good finishers at the rim or defensive players. On the other hand, others’ role is to bring the ball up through a press or keep the offense moving with their elite passing.

Coaches and players need to know and delineate their roles and how it fits into the team’s strengths and weaknesses. The mastery of the basics is vital to player development and success. Training camps for basketball teach and improve on the fundamentals to allow a player to identify which asset of their game to focus on.

The Journey to Superstardom

In some clinics or teams, coaches only briefly tackle the basics; however, the fundamentals need constant practice and implementation to become a better player. The best players, whether it is in the Euroleague or NBA, have sound or superior dribbling, passing or shooting skills. Mastery of these skills will allow one to experiment or even play with the ball in the form of fancy behind the back passes, fade away jumpers or other exciting plays you watch on TV.