Why Dentures are Important to Keeping a Healthy Smile

Keeping a healthy smile with denturesThere’s a misconception that dentures are only for older people who have lost all their teeth. That’s not true, though, as adults who have lost their teeth due to a variety of reasons are advised to wear it as well. Having dentures will keep other teeth from moving and help you maintain your regular day-to-day functions.

In South Bend, as Mahoney Family Dentistry noted, those who need dentures go to their trusted dentists for customized ones. These can be made from different materials and look and feel natural when worn.

Keeping your smile intact

People who have great-looking teeth smile confidently and more frequently. Without dentures, people will have a hard time speaking and pronouncing words clearly. This directly affects how they deal with others, especially in the workplace.

If your front teeth were knocked off in an accident, for example, your dentist will advise you to get fitted for partial dentures. Once dental X-rays have been taken, they will prepare a cast or mold of your mouth to make sure that the dentures fit snugly. It also helps guarantee that the size and shape of the dentures are as close to how your natural teeth look.

It’s more than just cosmetic

Wearing dentures is not about vanity. While it may be true that people who wear dentures have to be extra careful when they bite or chew food, the dentures serve more than just a cosmetic purpose.

Besides helping in speech and communication, dentures help retain the shape of the face and jaw. Teeth are embedded in the jawbone and stimulate bone growth because of biting and chewing. When teeth are lost, the stimulation stops and this can cause problems in the bone. Having dentures in place will help keep the stimulation process going, as the person will still be able to bite and chew regularly.

Having partial or full dentures will help keep a person smiling and speaking confidently. More importantly, it will keep his other teeth from moving or his jawbones from weakening. If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, consider having dentures made to help you regain your beautiful smile.