Why Get a Dental Implant for the Gaps in Your Mouth?

Dental Implant When you lose a tooth, it not only affects your smile, it also reduces the strength and density of the jawbones that keep other teeth in place. With each tooth you lose, the weaker the jawbones get because they lose the stimulation provided by your pearly whites to keep them strong. One of the solutions to this dental problem is the installation of a dental implant. Some people would suggest this procedure costs a lot of money, but leaving the gaps in your mouth untreated is costlier. The benefits of this treatment far outweigh the money you spend to get it.

Long Lasting

According to Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre, the dental implants in London are very similar to real teeth, because of the advancements made in the industry today. These look like the actual teeth you lost; these also last for years, if you give it the right care as you would your permanent teeth.

Improved Dental Health

Pockets of space in your mouth may cause other dental problems such as periodontitis, tooth decay and the accumulation of tartar and plaque. These gaps create a domino effect that may ruin your long-term dental health if you fail to get the right treatment immediately. With implants, the surrounding teeth and jawbones get the support they need to prevent loss even in old age.

Comfort, Speech and Appearance

Gaps in your mouth create eating and speaking problems; you might have a difficult time pronouncing certain words and syllables, and it may be difficult to chew and break down certain food. Spaces between teeth also affect your confidence, because you are afraid to smile. With the installation of an implant, you feel better about your appearance, restore confidence in the way you speak and make chewing food easier again.

Implants are your long-term solution to missing teeth because of the many advantages they provide. Consult with your dentist to determine how many you need and how much the procedure would cost.