Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Treating Varicose Veins

Doctor explains her medical findings to a manWinter serves as the best time for treating varicose veins for several reasons, including reduced exposure to sunlight and enough downtime post-treatment.

Whether you decide to have venous stents or choose to have laser treatment for your condition, keep in mind that perfect timing will play a role in the results.

Winter Months

Patients should take advantage of undergoing treatment during the colder months since lack of sunlight reduces the risk of complications. Your surgeon will likely advise you to stay away from the sun since direct exposure can restrict the capillaries, which will make it uncomfortable for you to move around.

In this case, avoiding sunlight will also hasten the healing process. The need to spend more time indoors is another reason why winter is the best time. The weather can be unpleasant with heavy snowfall and cold wind, so staying outdoors seem unattractive whether or not you plan to have treatment for varicose veins. You should, however, remember to take as much rest as possible to achieve successful recovery and results.

Smoking Cessation

If you smoke cigarettes and have varicose veins, it might be better to quit entirely than opting to cut back on the number of sticks you smoke per day. A study showed that smoking even just one stick each day still has significant health risks.

Men who smoke once daily have a 46% higher chance of acquiring cardiovasculardisease, while they increase the risk of stroke by 25%. The percentage of risk for women is higher at 57% and 31%, respectively. Smoking cigarettes causes a constricted blood circulation, so kicking the habit will help in improving your varicose veins.


There are many available treatment options for varicose veins, but you should also consider if your lifestyle and habits either improve or worsen your condition.