Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Fad Diets

Woman measuring her waist with a measuring tapeA few years ago there was Atkins, Cabbage Soup, and Southbeach; now it is Paleo and Ketogenic. While it worked for some people, health experts don’t recommend this solution to those who want to lose weight for the long term.

In Scituate, MA, for example, women go to a personal training studio to exercise regularly and get advice on proper nutrition and diet modification. They stand a better chance of losing weight and keeping the weight off for good. Here are the reasons fad diets don’t work:

1. The Yo-Yo Effect

Most fad diets require not eating a particular food group for extended periods of time. The once popular Atkins diet eliminated carbohydrates in meals and focused on protein consumption.

Today’s keto diet also ditches carbs and sugars and encourages people to eat fat — meat and the healthy kind the entire day. Health experts say this kind of eating pattern is not sustainable.

True, there will be some weight loss initially, but after a while, when the person returns to their normal eating habits, the weight eventually comes back. In most cases, the weight gain is more than the numbers lost.

2. Transformation Takes Work

There’s no shortcut to weight loss. Dieting alone doesn’t work because you need to burn more calories than you consume. Additionally, you need to exercise to transform fat into muscle. Cardiovascular exercises coupled with strength training are the best ways to get in shape.

You should then complement this with proper nutrition. The process takes time, commitment, and effort. That is why weight loss studios and personal trainers are truly helpful. Having a group to exercise with and being accountable to other people help make the process not only bearable but also fun!

Lifestyle changes should be permanent if the end goal is to become fit and healthy. Find activities you enjoy — swimming, playing tennis, or even bowling, for instance. The goal is to stay active and be mindful of what you eat.