Wonder Women: 3 Things Healthy Women Do Differently

women in gym clothesYour genetic make-up plays a big role in your health. The moment you were born, you’re already predisposed to some diseases, making the path towards a healthy life a little difficult. Interestingly, though, this is the only factor that’s beyond your control. Everything else is in your hands. For healthy women, these are the habits they adopt that make a great impact on their bodies and minds — sometimes making them rise above limits to their genetic make-up:

They know their bodies well

Doctors and nurses in the most affluent hospitals — let’s say in Massachusetts — may have the best education on anatomy, but no one else knows your body more than you do. Healthy women recognize this, that’s why they listen to their bodies and sound off when something’s off.

They pay close attention to their bodies, monitor their menstrual cycles, take note of any pain, and practice monthly self-breast exams. In short, they are proactive about their bodies.

They seek creative ways to get moving always

Obviously, healthy women prioritize exercise. What they do differently from the rest, however, is they treat ordinary tasks as muscle-stretching and fat-burning activities — whether it’s ditching elevators and using the stairs or washing the dishes.

Of course, they’re consistent in their actual workout routines. Some even go to personal training studio for women. In Cambridge, for instance, ladies join small group sessions in fitness centers that are designed to help them stick to their routines. That’s another thing that sets these people apart from the rest: They’re for building up other women and they’re not afraid to get help from other women.

They sleep

woman sleepingIn this fast-paced world, the mantra is “Sleep is for the weak.” Women who are driven by the desire to be successful spend their nights thinking of their next business strategy or just about the next big thing, but healthy women know the importance of sleep. They know that the best ideas and insights — about career, relationships, and personal life — come from a refreshed, restful state.

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Your health is your responsibility. Embrace that responsibility and adopt these habits for a healthier life.