Your ASD Child Can Benefit From a Live Theatre Show

Benefits of Live Theatre for Autistic Children in BrisbaneThere is a scientific basis that theatre is good for kids with autism. In a recent study published in the “Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders”, it was found that children on the autism spectrum who were enrolled in theatre class showed improvement in social communication skills. This is because they see and act out social behaviours with neuro-typical peers and it helps them properly decipher social cues. Watching a theatre performance can have the same effect.

ASD Children in Brisbane Can Go to Sensory-friendly Theatre

This is great news if you are a parent with a kid on the autism spectrum. Greater still is that you will be able to find sensory-friendly live theatre shows being staged in Brisbane’s auditoriums. Just recently, parents and kids enjoyed performances of “The Lion King” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”. The latter being extra special because it features a protagonist who is believed to be autistic.

Preparing Your ASD Child For A Day in the Theatre

Bought your tickets for the next live theatre show? Even if you are going to a show adapted to your child’s special needs, it still pays to be prepared. Here are things your child might need:

  • Headphones and music for when your child wants to zone out for a bit
  • His favourite comfort toy such as his teddy bear or stress ball
  • Favorite snacks
  • Tissues and wipes should you make a mess

It may also be useful if you and your child have a special signal so he can quietly tell you if he needs to step out of the auditorium for a break. There will be special needs personnel in the lobby or a holding area to assist you and your child at any time.

There may still be a long way to go to fully accommodating the needs of your ASD kids, but a lot of progress has been made. Going to the theatre no longer has to be a stressful experience for your child, and he can greatly benefit from it as well. You can check with your local autism support group for any upcoming shows.